How do you get a command block?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Command block id: 138

Type these in commands and replace with your username:

/give 138

(v1.7.9-) OR

/give command_block

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Q: How do you get a command block?
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What is the command block ip in minecraft?

the command block doesn't have an ip.

How do you get a command block from mine craft command block?

Do /give @p minecraft:command_block 64

How do you make a command block open a door on minecraft?

you cannot directly open a door with a command,but there are ways to open doors with command blocks:like have a command block next to a comparater (in the snapshot at and have the command block reapatadly get powerd by a clock and in the command block have:/testfor @a/p/f/r[selectors] and wire the comparator to the door and when someone meets the testfor selector the door opens!

How do you make a command block in minecraft?

Command blocks currently can not be crafted. In creative mode the command /give YOURPLAYERNAME 137 1 will give you 1 command block (all you need in creative).

What it the item id for the command block on minecraft?

The only way to get a command block in Minecraft is to have cheats on in your world.Once you generated a world like that, type in the following command:/give [your Minecraft character's name] 137 [amount up to 64]That will give you a command block.

What is CCB?

Command control block.

What is the block id for command blocks?

There is no command block in minecraft. If you go to the Minecraft WiKi it will have all the information you need for anything in the game.

What is the term for a group of one or more C statements enclosed in braces?

The term for a group of one or more C statements that are enclosed in braces is called a command block. A command block is a block that is made with the intent to support adventure mode.

How do you craft a command block in minecraft?

You can't craft it, it can only be obtained through the /give command.

How do you use command blocks on minecraft?

Command blocks can only be obtained using the give command and can only be successfully used by server operators in creative mode.The command block will perform certain commands when it receives a redstone current, these commands can be set by right-clicking on the block.

What command will let you edit a block or xref in a cad drawing without exploding it?

Edit block or xref

How do you place command blocks in minecraft classic?

You need to be in creative mode in order to input commands into the command block.