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Do /give @p minecraft:command_block 64

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Q: How do you get a command block from mine craft command block?
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How do you make a command block in mine craft?

You are unable to craft command blocks in minecraft, but if you have cheats enabled on your singleplayer world, you may type /give {player} minecraft:command_block

How do you craft a command block in minecraft?

You can't craft it, it can only be obtained through the /give command.

How do you get the mine craft dragon to follow your commands?

The enderdragon cannot be tamed. You can however use a command block to make the enderdragon rideable.

How do you craft on creative mode in mine craft pe?

There really is no need to craft in Minecraft PE Creative Mode. You have an infinite amount of every single item and block in the game in your inventory already exept 4 command blocks

How do you stop the water in mine craft?

Block it using any type of block :)

How do you place an object in mine craft?

right click on the block in which you want to place the block

How do you put blocks on mine craft?

press where you are going to put the block.

How far can pistons push in mine craft?

the piston can push 1 block long

How to break wood on mine craft?

On creative just tap it. On survival or hardcore click and hold the block for about 4 secs and you get the block

How many blocks is one km on mine craft?

1 Block is a cubic metre, so 1km is 1,000 blocks.

What does coop unit mean?

COOP stands for (Craft of opportunity prototypes).So COOP Mine Unit is a U.S.Naval Command for prototype devises of mine hunting and relocational platforms.

How do you make a Quartz block on minecraft?

Mine Nether Quartz, then on your character's own crafting slot, put a piece of Nether Quartz in each, to craft them into one Quartz Block.