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you cannot directly open a door with a command,but there are ways to open doors with command blocks:like have a command block next to a comparater (in the snapshot at and have the command block reapatadly get powerd by a clock and in the command block have:/testfor @a/p/f/r[selectors] and wire the comparator to the door and when someone meets the testfor selector the door opens!

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Q: How do you make a command block open a door on minecraft?
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How do you make a command block in minecraft?

Command blocks currently can not be crafted. In creative mode the command /give YOURPLAYERNAME 137 1 will give you 1 command block (all you need in creative).

How do you make people stay in Minecraft?

Make a repeating command block that teleports them to 1 spot. Since it repeats, they're stuck

How do you make a command block in mine craft?

You are unable to craft command blocks in minecraft, but if you have cheats enabled on your singleplayer world, you may type /give {player} minecraft:command_block

What is the command to stop rain in Minecraft?

/toggledownfall to stop or make rain in minecraft

How do you make a command om Minecraft Classic?

You can't have commands on minecraft classic but you can in multiplayer classic

What is th purpose of a trap door on minecraft?

To make a door on the ground.

How do you make invisible door in minecraft?

You can't.

What is the command to make it day in Minecraft?

The command is /timeset day. This can only be used by admins and ops.

How do you make carpet on Minecraft?

there is no "carpet" item/block in minecraft, but people use different colored wool as carpet for minecraft.

What command do you use to make it day on minecraft?

/Time set 0

How do you make air in Minecraft?

It cannot be "made" unless you destroy a block, creating air in its place. Otherwise, it is just another term for the lack of a block in the minecraft world.

Is there anyway to make a lava block in minecraft?

You can't MAKE one, but you can collect lava with buckets.