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Command blocks can only be obtained using the give command and can only be successfully used by server operators in creative mode.The command block will perform certain commands when it receives a redstone current, these commands can be set by right-clicking on the block.

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Q: How do you use command blocks on minecraft?
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How do you place command blocks in minecraft classic?

You need to be in creative mode in order to input commands into the command block.

How do you make a working tv in Minecraft?

You can't, unless you know how to use command blocks.

Can command blocks be used in minecraft 1.6.2?


How do you kill people using command blocks in minecraft?

you cant

What is the block id for command blocks?

There is no command block in minecraft. If you go to the Minecraft WiKi it will have all the information you need for anything in the game.

How do you get command blocks in Minecraft?

Command blocks are only obtained by creative or mods. You must be in creative mode in order to successfully type a command into the command block, otherwise you will be prompted to be in creative mode.

How do Minecraft command blocks work?

You type a command into them, then activate it like any other redstone item

Why can't I find command blocks in minecraft?

I'm not sure I have the same problem

Where do you get command blocks in minecraft?

You cannot get command blocks from the creative inventory, however you can type in a command to receive one. Press "T" on your keyboard while in-game and then type /give (your username) command_block.

What is the rarest item in minecraft?

Command Blocks

How do you place blocks in mincraft on a mac?

press 'command' if i were you, i change the minecraft settings so you need to press the button 'c' to place blocks

How do you make a command block in minecraft?

Command blocks currently can not be crafted. In creative mode the command /give YOURPLAYERNAME 137 1 will give you 1 command block (all you need in creative).