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if your lucky a cash register will be in the furniture catalog at your igloo but the catalogs always change so you will have to check them out when new catalogs come out, good luck :)

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Q: How do you get a cash register in club penguin?
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Where is the cash register in the stadium in club penguin?

The cash register in the club penguin stadium is where it says "SNACKS". It is to the left of "SPORTS" and to the right of "STADIUM". In the "SNACKS" a fish is right next to the cash register.

Where is the cash register you have to fix in club penguin?

It is in the Stadium.

Where is the broken cash register in club penguin EPF?

it is at the stadium where the snacks are

Where is the cash register on club penguin field op?

It's in the Stadium (Soccer/hockey field)

Where is the cash register that sets off your spy phone on club penguin?

The Cash Register that sets off your spy phone is in the Stadium at the Snack Vendor. Good Luck!

How do you get cash on Club Penguin?

You can't get cash in Club Penguin. You get coins by playing games around the island.

Where do you register for Club Penguin?


How do you start a Club Penguin?


Can you pay cash for membership on club penguin?

Yes, when you buy a Club Penguin membership at a retailer like Target, you can pay cash.

Where is the cash register on club penguin which sets your spy phone off?

it is at the sports stadium in one of the snack bars you will see lots of penguins crowding around it

What are some register websites for girls?

club penguin i think

How do you register for club penguin money maker?

you just need to be gay