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Unless there is a carnival, you can't. You can also buy Club Penguin plushies and register the codes. Then you get a volume of the Treasure Book to pick two items from.

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Q: How do you get stuff on Club Penguin when you are not a member?
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How do you get club penguin member stuff with out being a member?

Well I'm sorry but you cant get member stuff for free you have to buy a member on Club Penguin so you could get a membership by getting a card or asking a your mum for Club Penguin Membership

How do you buy stuff on club penguin when you are not a member?

You can't.

Where is all the free stuff on club p?

you have to become a member on club penguin to buy stuff

If you are a member on Club Penguin for a month do you get to keep the stuff after?

yes you do but you can not use the stuff

Can you buy club penguin member stuff even when you are not a member?

Not unless you are cheating.

How can you buy stuff for your igloo and not be a member on club penguin?

You can't. You must be a member to do that.

How do you buy stuff on club penguin without being a member?

You shouldn't do it. Your penguin can get deleted

If your a member on club penguin and your membership runs out do you loose all your member stuff?


Does Hasbro has Club Penguin stuff?

habbo cost money. club penguin dont unless ur a member. and club penguin is excellent. habbo sucks.

How cab you buy stuff in Club Penguin?

You have to become a registered Member

Can you send stuff if you are a member in Club Penguin?

No, but it would be cool if you could

Why does some of the stuff on club penguin don't appear?

because you are not a member