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On the east side of GoldenRod City in a little house.

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Q: How do you get a bicycle in Pokemon Crystal?
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Can you run in Pokemon Crystal?

AnswerUnfortunately, the running feature was intoduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - the generation after Pokemon Crystal. This means that the fastest way of moving around in Crystal is by riding a bicycle, with the only other option of movement being walking.

Where do you get the bicycle in Pokemon Crystal?

In goldenrod go past the gym go all the way down on the right there's a big shop there it is.

What is better game Pokemon Crystal dust or Pokemon liquid crystal?

I preference pokemon crystal

What is HM08 in Pokemon Crystal?

There is no HM08 in Pokemon Crystal. Pokemon Crystal has only 7 HMs that are available to use.

Where can you find dark pulse in Pokemon crystal?

In Pokemon Crystal.

What are the levels of the third gym leader in Pokemon liquid crystal?

liquid crystal? do you mean Pokemon crystal if its Pokemon crystal the levels are 19 20 and 23

Where do you find professor Oak in Pokemon Crystal?

What the hell is a Pokemon crystal

Where do you find the bicycle on Pokemon SoulSilver?

In the bicycle shop in Goldenrod city

How do you get moltres in Pokemon Crystal?

You can't get Moltres in Pokemon Crystal, Only in Pokemon Leafgreen and Pokemon Firered. Including Pokemon Platinum.

Where to Get VS Seeker in Pokemon Crystal?

There is np VS. Seeker in Pokemon Crystal.

Where do you get psychic in Pokemon Crystal?

U get your sychick pokemon of crystal in cianwood.........:P

Where can you get hyper beam in Pokemon Crystal?

You can't get it in Pokemon Crystal. Though there are Pokemon who can learn it like Dragonite.