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What the hell is a Pokemon crystal

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Q: Where do you find professor Oak in Pokemon Crystal?
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Where exactly do you find professor oak in Pokemon crystal?

By the tree.

What city do you find professor oak in Pokemon crystal?

Professor Oak is found in Pallet Town. This is located in the Kanto Region. His laboratory is in the top left of the town. He is always sitting in the top of the lab.

Where can you find professor oak in Pokemon soul silver?

At the beginning of the game, Professor Oak is in Mr. Pokemon's house. Mr. Pokemon's house is north of Cherrygrove City. After that, Professor Oak is in Pallet Town in his Pokemon lab.

How do you find a charmender in crystal?

the only way to get one of the starters of Kanto on pokemon crystal is when you completely finish your Pokedex, professor oak will give you one o the Kanto starters.

Where to see professor oak?

You can find professor Oak, in Pallet town for older Pokemon games. For most of the Pokemon games there isn't any professor oak you can only find professor Rowan in Samage town.Usually in some places in the Pokemon world, you can find Dawn in front of one of the places were one of the professors work.

Where is Pokemon professor in crystal?

Prof. Elm stays in his laboratory and Prof. Oak is in Pallet Town in his laboratory.

Where do you find professor oak in Pokemon pearl?

in Route 224

How do you get charmander in crystal?

to get charmander in Pokemon crystal you need to complete the whole game including red and go to professor oak and he will give a Pokemon. you have to choose the Pokemon's here are the 3 Pokemon .charmander .squrtle .bulbasour

How do y ou get a msater ball on Pokemon crystal?

i think u get one from professor birch or professor oak after u beat the elite four...

How do you find the exp share in Pokemon diamond?

professor oak gives it to you

How do you find professor oak in pokemon soulsilver?

he is in pallet town in his lab

How many Pokemon do you have to find to get an national dex in Pokemon Diamond?

you have to see 150 Pokemon then talk to professor oak..