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you go to the cave behind moss deep in there u can catch a seal or sealo lv 30 or something. then u have to evolve it into walrein at 45.

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Q: How do you get Walrein In Pokemon Emerald?
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What Pokemon does Glaicia have on emerald?

2 Glalies 2 Sealeos and 1 Walrein

When does sealo evolve in Pokemon emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, Sealeo will evolve into Walrein at Level 44.

What is the best pack of Pokemon to haveagainst the elite four emerald?

Machamp, Banette, Walrein, Raichu, Ludicolo, Dustox.

What type of Pokemon is Walrein?

Walrein is an Ice and Water type pokemon.

What level will sealeo evolve to walrein in Pokemon emerald?

spheal is level 32 sealeo is 42 in my opinion hoenn is the best region and walrein is 2nd best ice type glalie the best

How do you get Walrein in Pokemon white?

You can get Walrein at Undella Bay in the winter.

What is the best ice Pokémon in Pokémon emerald?


Is walrein a starter Pokemon?


Where do you find a sealo or a speal or a walrein in Pokemon ruby?

You can only catch a Spheal, not a Sealo or a Walrein.

What is the national pokedex number for Walrein?

Walrein is #365 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ice-Water type Pokemon.

Which Pokemon is better walrein or politoed?

Walrein because of its extremely high stats, but Politoed is just awesome.

Pokemon emerald When does sphele evolve?

Spheal evolves at level 32 into Sealeo. Sealeo evolves into Walrein at level 44.