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milotic of course

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Q: In Pokemon ruby is walrein or Milotic stronger?
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Where do you find a sealo or a speal or a walrein in Pokemon ruby?

You can only catch a Spheal, not a Sealo or a Walrein.

Where do you catch feebas in Pokemon ruby?

sex with milotic

Where to get rare water Pokemon in ruby?

If you want a really rare and strong water Pokemon than get a "Milotic". Milotic is the evolved form of feebas which is extremely hard to find. It is hard to explain how to get a Milotic but if you search "How to get a Milotic in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald?" In Google than you should find how to get it.

At what level does a Sealo evolve in Pokemon ruby?

Sealeo evolves into Walrein at level 44

What is the Pokemon team in Pokemon ruby version no legendary?

Alakazam,Salamence,Walrein,Sceptile,Aggron,Metagross. :) is the ideal team :)

Which Pokemon can learn dive in ruby?

water type like wailmer or wailord sealo speal walrein

What is the best way to raise a Milotic in Pokemon ruby?

you feed it blue and indigo and gold POKeBLOCKS.

What level does spheal evolve into walrein ruby?

Sphealevlves into sealeo at level 32, then level 42 for walrein Walrein rocks

Where do you find Moltic in Pokemon Diamond?

You Have to migrate a Feebas from Pokemon Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire, Max out it's friendship and it will evolve into a Milotic,

What Pokémon does Wallace have in Pokémon ruby?

the same Pokemon as sapphire sealeo luvdisc whiscash seaking milotic

What Pokemon should you use to beat winona when you have Sceptile in Pokemon ruby?

You need an electric type or ice type may i suggest glalie, manectric or walrein.

What are the Pokemon that the 8 gym leader uses in Pokemon ruby?

Before the battle as he is a gym leader he has: Luvdisc Sealeo Seaking Whiscash Milotic