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Swampert is a pretty good choice but if you chose a different starter then other good ones would be Milotic, Walrein, and maybe even Crawdaunt

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Q: Whats a good water Pokemon in emerald?
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What Pokemon can the good rod get in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon you can get with the good rod are: TENTACOOL, MARILL, MAGIKARP, CHINCHOU ( under-water ) and CORPHISH.

What is a good water Pokemon in emerald other than swampert?


In Pokemon emerald whats a good Pokemon for the lavridge town gym?

if you took mudkip, you should be set just by using Marshtomp's water gun, but if not, a water type ALA wingull or a ground type out of the desert over there (trapinch, sandshrew) could be good options I used Geodude and the attack i used was magnitude

Good Pokemon Emerald?

Sapphire is better, but yes, emerald is good.

What is a good normal Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?


What Pokemon GO best with torchic in Pokemon emerald?

water, leaf, fighting, psychic, electric, there are a few good normal Pokemon too. if these are not available try and stick with electric and water

Where do you find a good rod in pokemon emerald?

The Good Rod in Pokemon Emerald is found on Route 118. If the player uses Surf from Mauville City to cross Route 118, there is a fisherman on the other side of the water will hand over the Good Rod.

What is a good water type Pokemon to teach surf to in emerald?

Linoone (It can learn nearly all of the HM's)

What are great water Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Well, there isn't really any ''good'' water Pokemon. Legendaries are always strong, and a great one is kyrogue, which you can get in Pokemon emerald. It really all depends on which moves the Pokemon knows

Is Rayquaza a good pokemon?

yes he is probably the best pokemon in pokemon emerald

What are the good pokemon in emerald?

Raltz! :D

What is a good Pokemon to bet the 7 gym in emerald?

i think sableye or a gyarados that knows a good water move i think a good lvl 60+ blazikin