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You can catch it you have to use a good rod or a super rod and use it on island 4 or 5
cant unless you trade :P
Its not on fire red it's on leaf green I wished they still have the games for the gba's
go to fuschia city go to the wardens house outside go down you will go past the swimmers there are two after you defeat them swim around the ocean and that is staryu............
you can't . must trade from ruby, saphire, emerald, or leafgreen.

Answerstaryu is a Pokemon and it is a cutie star Pokemon. starmie is quite superb so try to catch star yu in gba and nds games. Answer that is probably better than the previousIf you are wanting to find one, use the super rod in Lilycove City.
first check it out on the map where staryu is, then use a good rod to catch it from the water, but you have to be patient since its rare

sorry but you can't only in leafgreen.

You have to trade one from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/LeafGreen.
"Go to the town you battle Misty in ,go to the gym(with a rod) ,fish and sooner or later you will get a staryu."This is incorrect! Staryu is NOT available to catch on FireRed version. You must trade it from another game if you want it.
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Q: How do you get Staryu in Pokemon FireRed?
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