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There are tons of options! Here is a few with skill requirements:

Woodcutting- Get 60+ and cut Yews, as of September 26 they go for 509 gp each

Fishing- Get 40+ (slow) and fish lobsters at Karamja Docks, as of September 26, they go for around 175 gp each

Mining- Get 85+ and mine runite ore, As of September 26, they go for around 13k each, that can make you 1m per hour, you will as a non member have to go in wilderness

Combat- Fight cows, drop cowhides- 215 gp each

Fight Hill Giants (Level 28) Moss Giants (Level 42) and pick up "Big Bones" As of September 26, they go for around 700 gp each

Magic- Get 55+ and alch Air Battlestaves, they are around 8k each, but you will make a 100 gp profit off of them

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Q: How do you get 1 million gp on rune scape non member?
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In rune scape If your a member and have a pet what happens to the pet when you become a non member?

You cant use it so you need to put it in the bank. If its with you it will be in your inventory which will be burden

How do you do dragon slayer on rune scape?

Go to below link and go to non-member quest and find dragon slayer quest. It is a good guide with screenshots.

How do you only level up defence in rune scape?

You should train on creatures with high hitpoints or hitpoints that regenerate. Some examples are Monks if you are Non-Member and Experiments if you are Member.Account: mrduck37Current status: Member

On rune scape what weapon does more damage?

For non-members, a rune 2h.( 40 atk.) For members, abbysal whip(70atk.)

Can a non mem on rune scape wear a skill cape?

No. A skill cape is only for members - even in the case of skills available for non-members.

What is the funnest thing to do on a non members world on rune scape?

i think i know whats the funnest thing mabye not for you but for me pvp is best!

Is adamant weapons better than iron weapons in rune scape?

Adamant weapons are much better than iron weapons due to the bonuses given for wielding them. Non-member weapon tiers(weakest to strongest): bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant, rune. Member weapon tiers: bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant, rune, dragon (and other arms and armor that are not created from a specified material.)

Best weapon for def experaince non member?

Rune scimitar

Aqworlds What is a good non member weapon and armor?

If you are a non-member, the best armour to get would be either Guthix, Zamorak or Saradomin. They all give the same stats I think but have different colours. Guthix is green trimmed rune, Zamorak is red trimmed rune and Saradomin is white trimmed rune. Even though they are just rune trimmed, it is still more stats than the normal rune. The best non-member weapon would be the rune scimitar because they don't have Guthix, Zamorak and Saradomin swords on there.

Can you make a party hat on rune scape as a non member?

You cant "make" a party hat besides pulling a Christmas cracker and yes it is non member. To get a Christmas cracker you needed to be playing in 2001, or have about 700m right now, there used to be a glitch where using dye on silk, then hears on silk would make a partyhat, but Jagex has since fixed that

What monsters in Runescape non-member worlds drop rune armor?

Greater demons drop Rune Full Helms and Rune KitesLesser demons drop Rune Med Helms (Rune Helms)Cockroaches drop Rune Square Shields and Scimitars

Is there any new free rune scape quests?

Answer: none except the seasonal Answer: There rarely are new quests for non-members; most new quests are members-only.