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if you want to up fast in str use rune scimi

if you want to hit more use long rune sword

if you want to hit greater use rune battle axe and 3h rune

(dagger and short sword are faster than scimi but scimi hits higher and better)

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The best way to up in str is dharok

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Q: What is better at training strength on runescape rune 2h or rune scimitar?
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What weapon do you use to train strength to 70 on runescape?

i would use a dragon scimitar if u have 60 attack and if not use a rune weapon preferably the rune scimitar don't use a whip and if u can afford it a SS is even better. :) have fun training strength

What is better on runescape a silverlight bluritesword or adamant scimitar?

addy scimitar

Is Veracs Flail better than dragon scimitar for training strength and defense?

Only as long as you have full veracs. Otherwise no.

In Runescape is the blurite sword better than a rune scimitar?

Not even close. The Rune Scimitar is better when it comes to attack stats. The blurite sword's defense stats are actually a little better then the rune Rune Scimitar's.

What is the best weapon in RuneScape for members?

Usually Abyssal Whip for it's attack bonuses and speed, but Dragon Scimitar is good because unlike Abyssal Whip it can train your strength. Also there is a Saradomin Sword that is good because it hits better than a Dragon Scimitar but it can train strength as well.

What is better a dragon dagger poison plus plus or Dragon Scimitar?

Dragon Scimitar for sure. But get both and your awesome because poison and strength scimitar!

Is a batteaxe better than a scimitar in runescape?

Depends on how you are using it. Battle axes hit higher but scimitars hit faster. I would have to If you have a high str level, then a scimitar is better.

What is better rune scimitar or granite mace?

Rune scimitar is better for training noob answer guy... okay well granite mace is better for PvP even though it sucks but whatever

Runescape is a god staff in melee better than rune?

No, Rune Scimitar is better than a God Staff in melee combat.

What is a good weapon for a runescape monk PS I'm a free to play person attack level 38 combat 32?

Train your attack to 40, then buy a Rune Scimitar for FTP, there is no better weapon than a Rune Scimitar.

In RuneScape which is better a battleaxe or a scimmater?

Type your answer here... i say that rune b-axe is better in hitting high numbers, but rune scimi is faster..... i stick with a rune b-axe my history is from experience.... any other questions pm me on thonka1

Is buying a Strength Amulet t in runescape worth it?

Strength Ammys are so cheap they cant really not be worth it. There are better things in Runescape for Strength bonus's but if you don't have much money they cant hurt.