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depends dragon spear is ok, the special is terrible and its kinda slow but more powerful then the rune scimitar. The scimitar is quicker. If you have 60 attack infering you can use both I recommend you do Lost City cause its quick and easy. Then buy a dragon longsword cause its very strong, better than spear and its fast and has a good special. If you are better around level 70 I would say do monkey madness its very hard and I just did it so you can buy a dragon scimitar, which is VERY powerful and has a GREAT special and faster than longsword. If you want to do any of these quests Sals relm of runescape gives great guides.

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Q: Runescape is a dragon spear better than a rune scimitar?
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What quest on runescape do you have to do to wear dragon items?

To wear dragon items you need to beat certain quest for the weapon dragon dagger: lost city dragon longsword: lost city dragon battleaxe: heroes quest dragon mace: heroes quest dragon scimitar: monkey madness dragon spear: none dragon 2h: none dragon halberd: regicide

Code for full dragon in project catastrophe?

There is no code for this however the following codes will get you dragon, just not the plate and the kite for the are to be bought with credits armor dragon chain: 3140 dragon full helmet: 7611 dragon med helmet: 1149 dragon platelegs: 4087 dragon plateskirt: 4585 dragon sq shield: 1187 dragon vambraces: 1066 dragon boots: 2904 weapons dragon dagger: 1215 dragon dagger (p): 1232 dragon dagger (+): 5680 dragon dagger (s): 5698 dragon spear: 1249 dragon spear (p): 1263 dragon spear (kp): 3176 dragon spear (+): 5716 dragon spear (s): 5730 dragon longsword: 1305 dragon battleaxe: 1377 dragon mace: 1434 dragon halberd: 3204 dragon scimitar: 4587 (fake-isch) dragon 2h sword: 7158 dragon axe: 6739 (other) quest cape: 2740 note that some of these weapons can only be wielded when finished certain quests thank you for reading! fons22

What dragon weapons in runescape are there without doing mounkey madness quest?

Dragon claws, dragon spear, dragon 2h, dragon hatchet and dragon pickaxe don't require any quests to wield. Dragon daggers and dragon longswords require lost city quest, dragon mace and dragon battleaxe require heroes' quest, and dragon halberds require the regicide quest.

What is that new item in runescape that looks like a saradomin spear?

There isn't a Saradomin Spear? There is a Zamorakian Spear but there is no weapon similar to it in looks.

Where can you read Dragon Flight and Dragon Spear online?

it on

What book comes after Dragon-flight?

Dragon Spear, I think.

How do you obtain a poison spear in runescape for Tai Bwo Wannai Trio?

You use a normal spear (steel or better), and poison it. For this quest, you specifically have to poison it with karambwan paste, which you make during the quest (from a poison karambwan).

On runescape what are the best drops from a green dragon?

A Green Dragon's Best Drops are: - Dragon egg - Used in summoning for a pet dragon. - Rune Full Helm - Rune Kiteshield - Dragon Spear - Dragon Bones ( 100% Drop) - Dragon Hide Green ( 100% Drop ) - Shield Left Half ( Dragon ) - Clue Scroll Level 3 - Gold, Green, Crimson and blue Charms

What is the last dragon slippers book?

The last in Jessica Day George's Dragon Slippers series is Dragon Spear.

Is there a book after dragon spear?

No, not that anyone knows of. =)no you complete king of stupidity moron there is. its the sequal to dragon slippers and dragon flight

Should you get a whip or a zammy spear in runescape which one and why?

I personally prefer the whip since it is more for the offensive and the spear is more for the defensive. The whip has +82 in strength and slash stat which makes it one of the best 1-wielded weapons in runescape.

Can you use a spear as a paladin in Dragon quest 9?