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You use a normal spear (steel or better), and poison it. For this quest, you specifically have to poison it with karambwan paste, which you make during the quest (from a poison karambwan).

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Q: How do you obtain a poison spear in runescape for Tai Bwo Wannai Trio?
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What can you poison in RuneScape?

Weapon wise you can poison any: - Arrows - Spear's/ Hasta's - Daggers - Javelins - Throwing Knives

Do bullfighters poison the spear?


What is that new item in runescape that looks like a saradomin spear?

There isn't a Saradomin Spear? There is a Zamorakian Spear but there is no weapon similar to it in looks.

What poison killed Odysseus?

He was killed by a spear tipped in the venom of a stingray.

Should you get a whip or a zammy spear in runescape which one and why?

I personally prefer the whip since it is more for the offensive and the spear is more for the defensive. The whip has +82 in strength and slash stat which makes it one of the best 1-wielded weapons in runescape.

How do you defeat Ymir?

you obtain a spear and when ymir bangs his club on the ground jump on it

I cant get a zamorakian spear in runescape i try to buy it you exange but it just dont sell it what should you do?

you can buy it of somone else that has 1 or look up on runescape home page that worked for me

Can you kill a fish while its in water?

yes Try a spear, electricity, or poison. Works quite effectively.

How did Odysseus die?

Odysseus died of old age.He died from the poison on a spear his son threw into his side.

How often does a foe get poisened by a kp item in runescape and how much is the max damage they can take from it when they are poisened?

Kp is exactly the same effect as Super Poison on a player, hoever getting KP is free for spears only, and the bad side of getting it free, is that you can't trade the spear whilst it is kp.

How do you get a scarecrow in RuneScape?

Use these steps.SackHay bale or haystackBronze spearWatermelonIt is constructed by using an empty sack on a hay bale or a haystack to make a hay sack. A bronze spear is then used on the hay sack, and finally the spear with a watermelon.

Bone spear on RuneScape?

The bone spear on RuneScape can be obtained by purchasing it from the Grand Exchange in Varrock or from the Bone Weapons store run by Nardok after you're done with "The Lost Tribe" quest. The bone spear is a very weak weapon, and is not a very common weapon seen used by players in RuneScape. The more common Bronze to Rune weapons work better than bone weapons. Bone spears can also be obtained from monster drops by killing Cave Goblins and Cave Goblin Guards which are very easy to kill, as they are level 3 and level 24/26.