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Greater demons drop Rune Full Helms and Rune Kites
Lesser demons drop Rune Med Helms (Rune Helms)
Cockroaches drop Rune Square Shields and Scimitars

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Q: What monsters in Runescape non-member worlds drop rune armor?
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Is there a nonmember monster that drops green d'hide armor when killed If so what are the monsters called?


How do you tell monsters' armor type in runescape?

There is a site called Runehq it has everything about Runescape even what monsters drop check it out. : -)

Where do you get the armor in dungenering in runescape?

either you make it in daemonhiem or you can find it by killing the monsters there.

How do you wear dragonwarrior armor?

There is no such thing as dragonwarrior armor on runescape. If you mean dragon plate armor, you need to have level 60 defense to be able to wear it. Dragon plate armor has good defense bonuses, but it is a little expensive. To get dragon plate armor you can but it at the grand exchange or buy ir from players. Some monsters on runescape drop dragon armor but it is usually a rare drop.

How do you get gold armor on RuneScape?

gold armor is called gilded armor in runescape and is gained through treasure trails

Where can you find sardonim armor on runescape?

Random Reward from Treasure Trail Level 3 clues ( dropped by high level monsters in members ).

How do you find all the armor pieces in adventure quest worlds?

they are in greenguards and the monsters are gell oh no,greenguard dragon,deathgrazer and greenguard basalik

How do you trim armour on runescape mainly rune?

You can't trim armor on RuneScape if someone tells you they can trim your armor don't give them your armor they are scammers

What armor should you get in runescape with 4.5m and as a level 92?

If you are a member on runescape them you should get Guilded Armor or Gunthix armor. If you are not a member i suggest that you get Rune Armor. (Gold plated armor dose not change the strength of the armor at all) Hope This helps =)

How do you get the best armer on RuneScape?

There is no "best" armor in runescape, but armor such as the "nex" armor (Torva, Virtus, & Pernx) are some of the more elite types. Nex armor is dropped by the monster Nex in the gwd.

What monster drops adamant armor in runescape?

I dont really know much about addy armor droppers, but from the monsters i have killed from slayer tasks, i have seen black dragons and greater demons drop some addy stuff. usually the only monsters to drop addy armor are tough so i would recomend you just buy it from other players or the grand exchange.

Can you trim rune armor in RuneScape?

No, but you can purchase trimmed armor from members.