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No, but you can purchase trimmed armor from members.

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Q: Can you trim rune armor in RuneScape?
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How do you trim armour on runescape mainly rune?

You can't trim armor on RuneScape if someone tells you they can trim your armor don't give them your armor they are scammers

Can you trim rune armor etc in F2P?

no it is impossible to trim rune armor the only way to get it is to buy it or get it in the mini game tresure trails

What is after adamant armor in runescape?

The next level would be rune armor.

What color is rune armor on Runescape?


What armor is blue on runescape?

Mithril, possibly Rune (rune is a sort of greeny-blue)

Best runescape free to play armor?

Full Rune.

What level do you have to be to wear rune in RuneScape?

u have to be 40 in defense for rune armor and 40 in attack for weapons

Can free players on runescape use zammy armor?

Assuming you mean the Rune armour with red/Zamorak trim and décor, yes; all Rune armour with God trim can be worn in free-to-play, however all stats remain the same as regular Rune plate armour albeit more pricey in comparison.

What armor should you get in runescape with 4.5m and as a level 92?

If you are a member on runescape them you should get Guilded Armor or Gunthix armor. If you are not a member i suggest that you get Rune Armor. (Gold plated armor dose not change the strength of the armor at all) Hope This helps =)

How do you clone rune armor on RuneScape?

You can't clone any items on Runescape. Only in private sever where there is lots of glitches.

What monster is good and rewarding to train on and to get lots of exp in runescape members?

animated rune armor that drops rune stuff and tokens

How do you make 1 million on runescape in 2 hours?

High level mining rune ores, then crafting them into rune weapons/armor.