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first, go to the canyon cave, then push the boulders onto the switches, and viola, you have the canyon

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Q: How do you find the sevault canyonin leafgreen?
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Where do you find skamory in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

In Sevault Canyon on Seven Island.

Were you find lavitar on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Larvitar can be found on Seven Island at Sevault Canyon (southern part of the island).

Where do you get larviatar on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Larvitar can be found in Sevault Canyon.

How can you get a Typhlosion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to catch a larvitar at Sevault Canyon on Island Seven and evolve it.

Pokemon LeafGreen tanoby key?

After you finish the Tanoby Key you can head down the Sevault Canyon until you reach the odd buildings. If you go in them after you've finished the Tanoby Key you can find Unown in them.

What makes poliwhirl turn into politoed in leafgreen?

you need to give the poliwhirl the king's rock(you can find it in Sevault canyon) and trade,after trade your poliwhirl will turn into politoed.

Where do you find a scarmory on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Skarmory doesn't appear in LeafGreen. You'd have to trade it from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed

Where is sevault canyon on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

its in the sevii islands i think on 6 island but im not 100%sure

Where is the sleeping Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen in the monean chamber?

the sleeping Pokemon is unknown. you get it by doing the boulder puzzle in sevault canyon.

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get slowking?

give your slopoke a kings rock(you can find one in sevault canyon after you beat the game) do not use the kings rock on your slowpoke-just make it hold it!!! then, trade it with a friend.

Kings rock Pokemon LeafGreen?

It should be somewhere in sevault canyon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pitagoras:it is on 7 island sevault cayon and you need rock smash and strength or you can win the mixed battle mode at the trainer tower if u you do so you will get a king's stone

Where can you find larvitar in Pokemon FireRed?

Larvitar can be found in the grass in Sevault Canyon on Seven Island.