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Try looking in full servers. There the best places
You wait and look through the telescope

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Q: How do you find famous penguins on Club Penguin?
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How do you find legendary penguins on Club Penguin?


How do you find special characters on club penguin?

1.Use a Club Penguin Famous Penguin tracker! (Not always accurate)2.Search the servers. Famous penguins log on to a different server every 5-7 Minutes!WARNING: Not all famous penguins are out of hiding all year! Cadence and PB only come out during the music jam!

What is CeCe's password in Club Penguin?

You can't find out a famous penguins password unless you hack club penguin or work for club penguin. CeCe is a famous penguin and is a moderator.Hacking is the only way we know to get a password unless the owner of the account gives it to you, and hacking an account and/or password is illegal and serious legal consequences can result if you are caught.

How do you find penguins on club penguin and you for got to add them?

You look for them...duhhh

Why penguins and polar bear never be friends?

It is just Herbert Polar Bear Esquire who is not friends with penguin on Club Penguin. Other things except polar bears and crabs are friends with Club Penguin person who answered this is blue9628 i am famous on Club Penguin and i mostly go on server arctic. Hope you can find me.

Where do you find pins on Club Penguin?

You can find them anywhere. You can ask people / penguins where they are. Some nice people / penguins will tell you. Good luck! :)

If you try to log in as a banned penguin will the club penguin team find out who your penguin is and bann you?

of course not! they dont have the technology to do that. i have tried it on a penguin before and tells you that penguin has been banned but nothing happens to your penguin, unless you try to get into a famous penguins account. but if you do try to get into there account they have trackers and they will bann you

Where can you find penguins autograph signings?

Well you have to be in the same room as one of the famous penguins. And they are Rockhopper, Penguin Band, Candence, Rookie, Gary, Sensei, Aunt Arctic and Puffle Helper. If you want their autograph click them and click the little box on the bottom left corner of their screen. You will get a background for each one of them. Famous penguins normally come out during parties and events in Club Penguin.

What are the directions to find the four lost penguins in Club Penguin on the Avalanche mission?

To find the four penguins you have to go to the sport shop and answer the question. Then take the lifevest and go to the iceberg and theres the 4 penguins.

How do you search for other penguins on Club Penguin?

Search for other penguins on club penguin!? well, you can hang out on club penguin for amounts of time and find other penguins who you enjoy hanging out with and add them. But if your looking to find a old buddy who deleted you and you know their user name .... if you know they always went to a certain sever to a certain place you could go on that sever alot.. it worked for me :) with a friends help :D Maybe one day they will make the penguin finder :D Good luck

How do you find the penguins in the lost snow on club penguin?

Penguins aren't actually lost in the snow. It was just an idea for pictures in the stamp book or for a little joke.

Is herbert from club penguin a good guy?

Actually, no. He's a villain who wants to take over club penguin. His aim is to find a place warm, as he hates the cold, and get rid of 'irritating' penguins.