How do you find a stronghold in minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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DO NOT JUST DIG DOWN!!! go on creative, fly, throw like 10000 eye of enders in the air 1 by1. Follow the direction. The eye will fall. Throw more... Soon, the eye will just sink and not fly. Get in the ground, and dig SLOWLY!!! Don't break a part of the portal. Then, you see a magic thing with lava in it. Around, you will see these holes you drop eye of enders in. Fall in the portal!!!!!! Then get out bow and arrow. SLAY THE ENDERDRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you find a stronghold in minecraft?
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How do you get to the enderworld on minecraft?

You have to make an ender Portal or find one near a stronghold. A stronghold would be in the ravines.

Is there a command in minecraft that can teleport you to a stronghold?

No, but you can use the eye of ender to find it.

How do you find the enderdragon in minecraft?

You have to find a stronghold with an end portal in it then place 12 eyes of ender to activate it

What do you type in to find village in minecraft pe?

you can use this seed FINAL and there is a stronghold under the well

Where do you find an enderdragon in minecraft?

You have to find an End-Portal in a stronghold. The probablility of finding a stronghold with an End-Portal in it is small. Because there are 3 strongholds per map, and there is 1 end-portal per game.

How do you make nether warts in minecraft?

You have to find them in a nether stronghold. You can plant them in soulsand on the overworld once you have some from the nether.

How do you find the ender dragon in Minecraft?

Find and activate an End portal in an underground Stronghold, and jump through it. You will find yourself in The End, where the ender dragon is flying about.

Can you make an end portal in minecraft 1.0.0?

You can't you need to find it in a stronghold :) Not true you can get it using tooo many items :)

How do you get string in minecraft in peaceful mode quickly and easily?

This isn't easy but you might have to find an abandoned mineshaft or a stronghold and destroy cobwebs.

How do you find a ender potral in minecraft?

You throw the eye of ender in the air and it floats to the closest stronghold. Then dig straight down and go through the stronghold to find the ender portal. Place an eye of ender in each spot, then the portal should turn on. Then just jump in.

Where do you find silverfish in minecraft?

You'll have to find a stronghold. They're randomly in blocks. Edit for updated game versions: They can now be randomly found in Extreme Hills biomes as well.

How do you get to the ender world on minecraft?

You have to find a stronghold and then inside you have to search a whole freaking lot for a lava room and a unfilled portal. You put ender eyes in all the slots of the blocks on the outline of the unfilled portal and it'll get you to the ender world. To find a stronghold right click while an eye of ender in you're hand and it'll fly towards the nearest stronghold.