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You have to find them in a nether stronghold. You can plant them in soulsand on the overworld once you have some from the nether.

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Q: How do you make nether warts in minecraft?
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What are nether warts in minecraft?

Nether Warts are a type of fungus that grows in the Nether. It is typically found inside Nether Fortresses, it is used as a potion ingredient.

How do you get soul sand in minecraft?

It will slow the player down and sink the a few inchs into the ground. and since nether warts were added you can farm nether warts on it

Is it possible to make a nether wart farm outside of the Nether?

Minecraft 1.3+As long as Nether Warts are planted on soul sand, they can grow in any world.Pre-Minecraft 1.3 No. You can bring Soul Sand out of the Nether into the Overworld, and you can plant Nether Wart Seeds into it, but they will not grow. They will only grow if it is done in the Nether.

How do you plant nether wart seeds on minecraft?

They have to be planted in Soul Sand, from the Nether.

What does nether warts look like in minecraft?

It looks like a small red ball and a stick on the bottom.

What can you do with nether warts minecraft?

Netherwarts is a key component in potion brewing. I suggest going to the minecraft wiki for more detail on potion brewing.

How do you get to the nether in minecraft pe?

There is no way to get to the Nether World, in minecraft PE. The only thing you can do is make a Nether Reactor Core. See related link.

How do you get into Minecraft hell?

Make a nether portal.

How do you make the nether in minecraft pe?

I think you need to make a nether reactor first. P.S. that's what the nether reactor core is for.

How do you make nether brick fences in Minecraft?

You can't craft them, you have to mine them from Nether Fortresses.

How to get to the nether in Minecraft?

The get to the Nether in minecraft, you need at least 10 obsidian and a flint and steel. You need to make a Nether Portal, a 4x5 portal, and set it alight with the flint and steel.

Can you make a nether portal in minecraft pe 0.5.0?