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There are not many Beta servers up at the moment, but the ones that are can be found with Google.

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Q: How do you find Minecraft beta servers?
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Do you need minecraft alpha to play on beta servers?

no you need minecraft beta to play beta servers

Do you need a Minecraft Beta account to connect to a private server?

Yes. However, offline servers do not require a real Minecraft account, but require Minecraft SP.

How do you find servers on Minecraft?

You go to

Where can you find a free version of Minecraft?

minecraft classic and minecraft beta singeplayer, all on

How do you do mp of Minecraft alpha?

You can no longer do multiplayer in alpha. Minecraft has moved to Beta now, so there are no more alpha servers. Update the game, and then you can play multiplayer.

What are good Minecraft survival servers?

Check on websites such as planet minecraft or other sources to find the latest survival servers that have been pinged and work.

When was the beta version of Minecraft released?

The beta version of Minecraft was released on December 20, 2010.* * Minecraft-beta came after Minecraft-alpha, but before Minecraft 1.0. You can play Minecraft-beta with the new launcher.

Can you find amethyst in Minecraft?

No, the only gems in Minecraft as of Beta 1.7.2 are Diamonds and Lapis Lazuli.

Where can you download too many items mod for minecraft beta 1.8.1?

You can find it on the Minecraft forums.

Where can you find Pokemon servers for minecraft?

IP to the question

How do you find the tnt minecraft server?

You need to google it there are thousands of servers.

What servers in minecraft beta are most empty?

With hamachi, use Server ID: bluexephoes#2 Server Password: blue IP: