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The regular download as of minecraft 1.8 is the Beta Minecraft. The last Minecraft update I believe will be the "Final" product and official game and no longer be a game in Beta.

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Q: How can you play Minecraft beta?
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Do you need minecraft alpha to play on beta servers?

no you need minecraft beta to play beta servers

When was the beta version of Minecraft released?

The beta version of Minecraft was released on December 20, 2010.* * Minecraft-beta came after Minecraft-alpha, but before Minecraft 1.0. You can play Minecraft-beta with the new launcher.

How do you play Minecraft beta?

Buy it

Is beta a free game from Minecraft?

No, it is not. Minecraft Beta is the newest version of minecraft. In order to get it, you must pay for it. You can play a free version called minecraft classic though.

Can you play online with minecraft beta download?


How do you play Minecraft 1.4.0?

Minecraft beta 1.4.0 can be replayed by backdating your minecraft using sites such as minestalga.

Why can't you play Minecraft?

If you have downloaded minecraft launcher without buying the game, unfortunately you can not plat the game, you must buy the game first then you can play minecraftThe new minecraft is currently in beta, but you can pay to play beta. The old mine craft is free. You can find it by going to Minecraft's website.

Why can't i get minecraft beta or alpha?

The beta and alpha are passed, now you have to play normal I think o.o

Can you play as a guest in Minecraft?

You can play the Minecraft Beta demo by finding the PC Gamer demo on their website. In order to play the full game though, you will need to purchase it from the Minecraft website.

Is it free to register on Minecraft?

Yes, however, to play the Minecraft Beta you must purchase it with your credit card. If you would like to get a feel for the game for free you can play Minecraft Classic which is a creative mode where you are given an unlimited amount of 9 different resources to build with. WARNING: Please note that Minecraft Classic is different from the Minecraft Beta's Survival Mode. If you find Minecraft Classic boring and would enjoy something more challenging, I encourage you to purchase the Minecraft Beta.

What is the free Minecraft beta website?

Minecraft beta is not free, you have to pay to play it. Any website attempting to give you Minecraft for free is illegal. If you find a site like this do not download anything from it as it is not only illegal, but may contain viruses.

How many players can be in a minecraft LAN world?

Up to 8 players can play on a minecraft LAN world above the beta versions

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