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After you get your first gym badge go to the Pokemon center in any town and go downstairs a lady will call you and give your something so you can register your friends. Then go up the stairs until your at the top level then talk to the lady on the left side and she will let you enter.

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Q: How do you enter the union room in Pokemon platinum on nogba?
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Will Pokemon platinum let you trade Pokemon from diamond and pearl to platinum in the union room?


How can you trade Pokemon with soulsilver from Pokemon Platinum?

go to the union room with a friend

How can you change your appearance in the Pokemon Platinum union room?

To change your appearance in Pokemon Platinum's Union Room you need to talk to an NPC in the Oreburgh Pokemon Center. The NPC in question has the appearance of a Psychic trainer.

Hey you are in the union room in Pokemon platinum gome in with good Pokemon?

of course u can

Where do you get the grievous orbin Pokemon Pearl?

There is no griesous orb in Pokemon pearl. When you enter the union room with a Pokemon holding it while playing Pokemon platinum, it will go into your bag and you cannot give it back until you exit the room. You cannot get it in pearl sorry.

How do you get all 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

well what u have to do is is have Pokemon platinum and or either Pokemon pearl or diamond. U restart your Pokemon pearl/diamond and choose your starter. then at your nearest Pokemon center enter the union room and also you must have your Pokemon platinum in the union room as well then easily just trade i really hope i helped! There will be lots more coming from me!!!!

How do you get diamond Pokemon into platinum?

You would need to have 2 DS systems handy for this. You would set both up, go to the top of the Pokemon Center in both, enter the Union Room (middle counter) and walk the trainers up to each other, hit the "TRADE" option, and then trade your Pokemon Diamond Pokemon for your Platinum Pokemon. Just use Pokemon that you'll never use if you want to keep your Platinum Pokemon too. Hope this helps :)

Where do you trade Pokemon is Pokemon Platinum?

union room or in GTS if u wanna trade globally.

How you trade on Pokemon platinum?

You trade in the union room with another person.

Can Pokemon platinum battle Pokemon soul silver?

Yeah, if you mean the WiFi battle in the Union Room.

Can you spin trade a egg from Pokemon platinum to Pokemon black?

No, because you cannot enter the Union Room and connect between Sinnoh and Unova region games. ( I wanted to spin trade between my White and SoulSilver game too..) NeonGreen16

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon soul silver?

Go to the union room on the second floor of the pokemon center, or trade over wifi.