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Go To Any Pokemon Center In The Game And Go Upstairs And Go To The Union Room And Enter And Talk To The Person You Want To Mix Records And It Will Say "MIX RECORDS"

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2009-07-16 19:31:34
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Q: How do you mix records with MORE THAN 2 people in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and platinum?
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How do you get a spirtomb in Pokemon platinum?

Same thing you do in Diamond and Pearl, talk to 32 people underground.

Is there a website that can set up trades for the gts on Pokemon diamond?

People on GameFAQs might be able to help.

How do you update Pokemon diamond and pearl so you can play with people who have platinum?

how do you know you have to update it, Platnum hasn't came out yet.

Should you buy Pokemon Diamond or pearl?

Yes, you should buy Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. It is a HUGE step up from Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald. Though, I recommend Pokemon Platinum more, because not many people are using Diamond and Pearl anymore, and Platinum is still current, so Platinum is a better choice, but if you don't have wi-fi, then go for Diamond or Pearl all the way. Yes. I highly recomend it, but as childish as it may seem, it isn't. There is a big amount of Gambiling in it, so if you don't want to take that chance with children under 5, don't get it for them, but anyone else should be fine playing it. Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Is Worth The Money But Pokemon Platinum Costs The Same And Platinum Is Like Diamond And Pearl But In One Game Better Pokemon Sprites,Cooler Places,And More But Other Than That Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Is TOTALLY Worth The Money.

How do you get the regis in Pokemon diamond?

Sorrt to brake it to you people but you can only get them by migrating.You can't get the Regi's in Diamond you need to get them by migrating, trading, or catch them in Platinum, Emerald, Ruby, Saphire.

How do you speak 32 people underground in Pokemon platinum?

If oyu have a friend with diamond pearl or platinum.... you'll nedd to go in and out of bases showing each other your trainer cases

How do you get all 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

well what u have to do is is have Pokemon platinum and or either Pokemon pearl or diamond. U restart your Pokemon pearl/diamond and choose your starter. then at your nearest Pokemon center enter the union room and also you must have your Pokemon platinum in the union room as well then easily just trade i really hope i helped! There will be lots more coming from me!!!!

How do you get a charmander in platinum?

From trading with other people with Charmander on their Pokemon DS game (Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, HS/SS), migrating from a Gameboy Pak, or from using AR cheat codes. Hope this helped a lot!

Is it true that in Pokemon soulsilver you can get a vs seeker?

No, you can only get them on FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. You just use phone numbers to battle people again.

Where can you find moonstones on Pokemon platinum?

in caves, people, pokemon, the syour.

How do you get three legendary birds Pokemon diamond?

You can only get the 3 lengendary birds in Platinum. The only way to get them in diamond is Migrate, Trade(With people or on the GTS) or Use a cheating device such as a Action Replay DS or a GameShark.

Your shaymin is lvl 100 and you want to change it to the sky warrior on Pokemon Diamond what should you do?

Migrate it to a Pokemon Platinum version and it should transform.... same with Giratina ( orgin altered form) No you can't get it in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl but in Pokemon Plantinum you can. Trade it over to Pokemon Platinum and then go and avance to Florman Town and talk to the blond haired girl and she will give you the Gacidea Flower and change your Shaymin to Sky Forme or as some people call it Skymin. What you need is: TWO DS's;DS Lite's;DSi's One Diamond Game or Pearl Game One Platinum Game One Shaymin (on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl not hacked or the P game will not know it) There was a Toy's R Us Event that gave out a Shaymin I think was in Januray. If you missed it you are not out of luck! Cheat on Pokemon DPP to get the Oak's Letter then Catch it. It's at Lv. 30 so be caful about hurting it. But if you want the short version it is: No you can't get Sky Forme Shaymin in Pokemon Diamond OR Pokemon Pearl ONLY IN Pokemon Platinum

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