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1. Find a stronghold

2. Find an "end gate" in your stronghold (it is over lava)

3. Put ender eyes into all the pieces of the gate.

4. When there is a star texture, jump in. Make sure to have a bow and arrow and a full suit of diamond or iron armor.

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Q: How do you enter the end in minecraft?
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How do you enter cribs in minecraft?

you walk into them.;)

Where can you enter a minecraft username and get the password for that account?

i think in the minecraft pc version

How do you enter a chat in minecraft?

T by default.

How do you sign in for Minecraft launcher?

when you open minecraft you enter your username and password in the username and password box. you hvae to register on the minecraft website

What is a Minecraft link?

a unique ip to enter a server

How do you enter Minecraft if your Minecraft account doesnt work?

There is an option on the downloaded version that says "play offline" click that.

How do you comment in Minecraft?

press "enter" and type away, if your in a server

How do you enter cheat codes in survival mode minecraft?

You dont, unless you have the single player commands mod. Which i suggest you download. That is, if you want to enter cheat codes in survival mode minecraft.

How do I get to the enderdragon on Minecraft?

The enderdragon only naturally spawns in the end. To find the end you have to activate the end portal located in one of the three strongholds generated in the world. you must fill the sockets on the end portal with eyes of ender, once done you may enter the end and be able to find the enderdragon.

How do you chat on minecraft PC?

Hit the T key on the keyboard to chat with others on the server.Hit Enter when your done and want to send it. You have to hit Enter in order to end chat.Go into Options and look under the Controlsmenu for all the key board controls.

Does mine craft demo end?

Yes the Minecraft Demo can end if you are playing on the minecraft page unless you have an account for the page

What ar Minecraft cheats?

There are no Cheats in Minecraft. Only Hacks and Mods. There is no "cheats" where you enter a code or word that gives you items and such.