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when you open minecraft you enter your username and password in the username and password box. you hvae to register on the minecraft website

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Q: How do you sign in for Minecraft launcher?
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How do you update Minecraft?

Just sign in using the Minecraft launcher (The little icon on your desktop or wherever). It updates automatically. If it doesn't, when you open the Minecraft launcher, click options, Force update and sign in. To see if it worked, look at the bottom left corner of Minecraft to see if it the version your looking for.

What is the password for Minecraft launcher 1.3.9?

how to log in minecraft 1.3.9

What do you do after purchasing Minecraft?

Download the launcher at to play Minecraft.

Where do you get the offline launcher for Minecraft?

Go to the Minecraft website and download the offline launcher, note that the offline option only appears if you are actually offline.

How do you get Minecraft going to the old launcher?

Let minecraft do its auto update or check the minecraft news!

How do you get minecraft 1.6.2 premium for free?

Team Extreme Minecraft Launcher is the key.

Ive bought and downloaded minecraft and i can run the launcher but when i try to log in it says cant connect to the internet in red lettering.?

This happens if the minecraft launcher can't get access to the minecraft servers. If you play the game from the website first, then you will get access to an offline version through the launcher

What is an anjocaido Minecraft launcher?

I have an Anjocaido minecraft launcher myself, It's a cracked launcher enabling you to change your name everytime you log in and force updates. Getting the original minecraft for $20 or if they put it up $26 will show you the updates that notch has put in (and server i think).

How big is Minecraft?

The Minecraft Launcher is 263 KB while the Minecraft folder is approximately 46 MB.

How do you use minecraft technic launcher?

You download it. :O

What does it mean when your minecraft says outdated launcher?

It means that you need to login on and download new launcher.

How do download Minecraft launcher?

Go to and download the official game launcher. It does require a paid account.