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let me talk to my friend, he knows, I'll get back to you!

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Q: How do you duplicate rare candies in Pokemon soulsilver?
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How do you duplicate rare candy on emerald?

How to duplicate rare candies in Pokemon Ruby

Can you duplicate rare candies in Pokemon soul silver?

no you can't without an AR.

How do you duplicate rare candies in Pokemon emerald version?

use the cloning glitch and have the cloned Pokemon hold the rare candy

How can you train Pokemons easy way in Pokemon?

If you know how to duplicate Pokemon then put rare candies on them when you're about to duplicate. After take the rare candies away and keep doing that method until you got a lot of them (about 100 to 300 should be fine) then use the Rare Candy on the Pokemon you want to raise

Where are all of the rare candies in Pokemon soulsilver?

You can find rare candies in mountains and you can use th dowsing machine.Rare candies can level up Pokemon,but beware,the Pokemon wont be as strong as the level is. It will get a bit stronger but not as strong as you think...:(

How do you get 99 rare candies in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to get 1 and then give it to any Pokemon to hold. Then you can do the duplicating glitch to duplicate the Pokemon and the item.

How to get rare candy without ar in pearl?

the only way i know is to get Pokemon emerald and duplicate Pokemon holding rare candies(go to youtube to find out how)and migrate them to your game

How do you get rare candies in soulsilver?

you can get it at the pokeathlon on some days

How do you duplicate rare candies without beating the four on emerald?

U cant unless u beat the 4 people and then u can duplicate Pokemon and certain items

What is an Action Replay cheat for Pokemon SoulSilver that gives you ninety nine rare candies?

Go to the website and you will find it

How do you duplicate rare candies on Pokemon diamond without using an action replay code?

You cannot clone Pokemon and items on diamond and pearl and platinum, but you can in emerald!

How many rare candies can you get in Pokemon Ruby?

You can get three rare candies in Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald