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You can get three rare candies in Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald

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Q: How many rare candies can you get in Pokemon Ruby?
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Where can you get rare candies in Pokemon Ruby?

use the itemfinder

How many rare candies are ther in ruby?

There are five Rare Candies.

How do you get infinate rare candies in Pokemon Ruby?

It is not possible to legitimately get infinite rare candies in Pokémon Ruby. To do such a thing you would have to use Action Replay.

How do you level up your pokemon faster on pokemon ruby?

Try using Rare Candies for easy levelling. :)

How do you get infinite rare candies on Pokemon Ruby without game shark?

You cannot get infinite rare candies without hacking and cheating. There is a set number of rare candies available in the game. The only way to get infinite rare candies is to hack and cheat.

How do you get 99 master ball and 99 rare candies in Pokemon ruby?

trades, AR or hacking

How quickly can you get Pokemon to level100 in ruby and sapphire?

you have to train for a month or give a bunch of rare candies

How many rare candies are there in platinum?

There are probly a total of 8 rare candies in Pokemon platinum

Gameshark code how to get 99 rare candies on ruby?

by using a specific gameshark code that enables you to get 99 rare candies on ruby.

How many rare candies are in Pokemon FireRed?


How many balls with rare candies are there in Pokemon platinum?


Where do you buy rare candies on Pokemon lake?

Rare Candies are not buyable in the game.