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If you whant to delete EVERYTHING on your action replay, hold down A, B, and select. CATION this will delete every thing. If this does not work, go to your manual. There should be a link to the site that can help when I did it my action replay deleated stuff again after a while so I returned it for a new one

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Q: How do you delete everything on action replay to add new codes?
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How do you delete codes and games in action replay?

Highlight either the game or the code you ant deleted, and move to the right bar and press delete. This is waht I do for the replay i use.

What is M in animal crossing action replay?

its the master code. do not delete it or no other codes will work.

What does it mean when the action replay says pnextbyte block?

Delete some codes for that game and it should be fine

What does the disk that comes with action replay DS do?

The disc that comes with the Action Replay DS is the "Action Replay Code Manager". You can add, delete, and modify codes by using it. It is extremely helpful because you can just paste the long codes in there, instead of manually entering them. You can download the Action Replay Code Manager using the disc that came with it, or you can download it at Codejunkies. You can find out a tutorial on how to install the Action Replay Code Manager and how to add codes using it at WARC:

Do the codes only work on a action replay max?

no there are plane action replay codes

Where to get codes for action replay?

the codes that were made by the ppl who created action replay are at

What is the action replay codes in Pokemon white to delete items?

you actually need action replay to delete items in Pokemon Black and white. all you need to to do is click on the item you don't want, and push thrash item. hope i helped! :)

To use action replay codes do you have to have an action replay device?

yes you do or you can not use action replay why do you think there called action replay codes you disgrace to the smartness pf Earth!!!

Action replay codes that work without Action Replay?

Sorry, it's impossible to use Action Replay Codes without in Action Replay. If there was what would be the point of selling them?

Where do you type action replay codes without the actual action replay?

You cannot: You need the Action Replay DS to input the codes for your games.

Can you put gameboy advance action replay codes on a Nintendo ds action replay?

No,because the GB action replay codes are diffrent.

How do you delete codes that dont work on your action replay?

Well to delete codes, go to your code, and on the touch screen on your ds, press the button right next to the top right button, it will say press a to delete, and press a.