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How do you delete a game in petz puppyz and kittennz game for Nintendo ds

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2012-06-25 15:34:02
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Q: How do you delete a game in petz puppyz and kittenz?
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How do you enter your codes for petz puppyz and kittenz?

you type it in on the computer then you fine the code then use it on the computer or dsi

How do you reset petz puppyz and kittenz on D.S.?

i have petz horseshoe ranch,you restart it by presing L B X SELECT hope that helps :)

Where can you get the paint can in petz 5?

You can,*download itor*win it at a game on petz 5( i also have petz 5 )

How do you save your game in Petz Crazy Monkeyz?

How does one save their progress on Petz Crazy Monkeyz game disc (Wii)?

Which petz game is best?

Okay i will name them 1 to 10 best games 1.petz monkey 1 1/2. petz bunnyz 2.petz cats 3.petz nursery 4.petzdogz 5. petz wld animals dolphins 6.petz hamsters 7.petz horses 8.petz fantasy midnight magic 9.petz fantasy sunshine magic 10.petz tigerz i would know i have all 66 games and all 21 game consoles

How do you delete your profile on petz monkeys house?

press X B L and the START button at the same time in the opening screen where it says PETZ

How do you delete petz catz 2?

Okay, so open the game and click on a cat, go to the options/settings menu and select reset data hope this helps

How do you download your pet from the petz website back to the petz game?

You go on to and click download for your pet on the game on your DS then wait.

How do you delete petz nursery 2 data?

If you want to delete the current save data and start a new game, please keep pressing the L, R, X, B and SELECT Buttons at the same time in the title screen.

How do you delete game on Petz Dogz Pack?

grill it on the barbeque for 11-12mins then wait till cools ... decorate with icing sugar stick back in ds and hope for the best:)

Where can you download and buy petz 5?

You can find petz 5 anywhere like in game shops (got mine in a shop called GAME) but I'm afraid you cant download petz 5, you have to buy it sorry

How many bunnies can you have in Petz Bunnyz Bunch?

In the game Petz Bunnyz Bunch, you can only have up to 20 bunnies.

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