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First, go to the minecraft folder. Go to the save files. Copy the world you want, and paste it back in. This will copy the world, and make a duplicate.

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Q: How do you copy a world in Minecraft?
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How do you backup your world in Minecraft?

Find the world in your 'saves' folder (which is in your minecraft folder) and copy it to another location, like Documents or Desktop.

Is there any way you can take your minecraft and copy it to your computer so you can play it on there too?

yes, if you use a USB drive i'm not entirely sure how to get the full minecraft on your USB (look on YouTube) but you go into minecraft folder and click "world" and you can make a copy of your minecraft world and put it on your USB drive if you wanna play the world you played on your main computer

How can you make your single player minecraft world in to a multiplayer one?

In your saves for Minecraft, copy the world that you want to make into a server world. Be sure to copy the entire folder. Open your server folder and paste it there. In the server properties file, change the name of the server to the name of your world's folder. Then launch the server and it should be your exact world.

How do you open another players world on minecraft pocket edition?

Well when you are in their world with them click the "Quit and Copy Map" button then it will show a world in your worlds with that world!

Can a MinecraftSP world file be transferred to a Paid Account?

Yes, you can put Minecraft Sp maps in to paid minecraft. go to your minecraft folder, then go to saves, then copy to ur desktop then install paid minecraft then put in folder called saves n new minecraft

How do you copy chat in Minecraft?

the only way to copy minecraft words is to do shift+ arrow keys, you can copy other texts from other programs by using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

Can you change worlds in minecraft to differerent computers?

Yes. Each world in Minecraft is saved as a separate file. If you open the start menu and search ".minecraft/saves" (without the " signs) you should be brought to a folder containing all your different world saves. They will be named whatever you named them in the first place, eg. JoeBlogs world. Simply copy the world folder you want to the .minecraft/saves folder on the computer you want to play on.

What is people's passwords in Minecraft?

It is illegal to steal someone elses copy of Minecraft, buy it yourself!

How do you transfer Minecraft worlds from PC to MacBook Pro?

Copy the minecraft worlds from the file explorer

How do you copy and paste text in Minecraft?

If you are on a mac, you do not, you cannot.

Is it possible to move one minecraft world to a different computer?

I assume that if you go into your minecraft folder in My Computer then levels or worlds or something similar. It should be there. Copy that onto a Flash Drive and then copy it to the PC you wish to transfer to Hope this helped

How do you set a world map to Multiplayer in Minecraft?

You need the server software first. Once you get the server set up, you can copy your save to the server.