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If you are on a mac, you do not, you cannot.

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Q: How do you copy and paste text in Minecraft?
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How to copy text from webpages?

copy / paste

What between copy and paste and cut and paste?

Copy function will leave copied text or graphic as it is, while Cut function will delete text or graphic but you can still paste it.

What the difference between cut and paste and copy and paste?

Cut will remove the original text, while copy leaves the original in place. Paste is the same; it makes a copy of the text in the location you choose. Cut and Paste is the same as move.

Cut is faster or copy?

Cut and Copy are two different functions of Word. Cut will take the Highlighted text from your word document and delete it. When you paste it will move the deleted text to where ever you paste. Copy just dupilcates the highlighted text where ever you paste.

How do you create apple text?

You Have to find the Text itself and copy & paste

How many processes are involve in copying text?

2 (highlight and copy) 4(copy and paste) (cut and paste)

What is the different for COPY and PAST as?

Copy - copies the text into temporary (cache) memory Paste - inserts the text you have copied where you want it. Paste as - you can choose the format of what you are pasting.

How do you forward a message on kik?

you copy and paste the text

How do you copy and paste with the keyboard?

At first, select the text or something that you want to copy, then press CTRL+C to copy, then press CTRL+V to paste where you want to paste.

How do you forward a text message to email?

If you have an iPhone copy the text and paste it on your email,

Why do you lose the cursor over text?

So you can copy and paste the text selected.

What is the different between copy and paste and cut and paste?

Copy duplicates text but cut removes it and puts it somewhere else