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Q: How do you check your fps on a dell inspiron for minecraft?
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Is it possible to play minecraft on a dell dimension 2400?

It can, unless you want it all laggy, my dell dimension 2400 gets 20-15 fps

What are fps on Minecraft?

The FPS depends on your computer, not Minecraft itself. However, the maximum FPS Minecraft can reach is 1700.

How many fps would you get on WoW running it on a dell inspiron 17 here is the specs Intel Integrated GMA 4500MHD Intel Pentium DualCore Processor T4300 2point1GHz 800MHz 1MB cache please say fps?

20-70 fps depending on internet connection

How much fps will you get in Minecraft?

The fps you have in Minecraft depends on the condition of your computer.

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 it has the X300 graphics card and I have 1gb of ram and I do 30 fps on WoW I can occasionally get 60fps in a corner if I upgraded to 2gb of ram would that get me 60fps?

There are a lot of things that would help you get higher fps. The recommended RAM for playing world of warcraft is 3gb.

How do you increase Minecraft fps?

go to options video settings and then fps

Where is noobtube for Minecraft?

Minecraft isn't FPS ( It's a sandbox). There is none.

What is the best minecraft screen recorder?


Is Minecraft a first person shooter?

No, Minecraft is not an FPS. It is a survival/sandbox game where you can build anything you want. There are no guns in Minecraft.

What is the highest frames per second you can get in minecraft?

Its 1984 fps

Why won't your computer let you play Minecraft?

You may not have a good enough video card or not enough FPS for minecraft to be playable on.

How do you get high fps on minecraft?

To get high fps you must first go into options, video settings and change performance to the "max fps" setting. Then, when you are in your world, go into full-screen mode by pressing F11. This should increase your fps.