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you cant! its simple any world has the same exp

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Q: How do you change the exp rate in a runescape private server?
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What services does Ranarok Online Private Server provide?

The Ragnorak Online private servers offer the ability to have a custom drop rate or exp gain rate and allow the providors of the private server greater control of the game and can tailor it to their own preferences.

Maplestory private server dro?

if you meant "what do maplestory private server do?" then they basicly are custom-made-and-hosted maplestory servers, like increased rates (a 5x exp rate server has all their monsters give 5x more exp than the offical servers) or anything custom-made, like shops, player commands, etc

What is private server for Maplestory?

its maplestory hacked by other people who hates nexon's guts it makes the game easier by increasing exp/drop rate

How do you get a private server on Maplestory? but only if u r lvl 30+ If you are looking for good ones not that noob to the left go to it has many great servers including a few that i play and have been a gm at! Happy Mapling!

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The drop rate of the abyssal whip was revealed at RuneFest 2010 to be 1/512. The ring of wealth will not increase the change of getting one as a drop.

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