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The Runescape client does not need to be downloaded. However if you download it, you can play at the same quality as if you are on a web browser while running Runescape at a lower processing rate than if you are using a web browser such as Firefox or internet Explorer.

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Q: Why do you have to download RuneScape?
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there is no download for runescape, it's 100% and in your browser

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i am not 100% sure but i thing you should go and download them from the runescape website download one

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You can't.

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It's plain and simple : It wont let you download Java player so you can't play runescape.

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You can download the Runescape Client if your web-browser does not support Runescape. It is available under the 'Downloads' section on Runescape's website. This contains 416 Music Tracks and 228 Effects.

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