How long is 24 hours in Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the time runs at the same rate as ours, but you can change the time on your ds to change the game time.

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Q: How long is 24 hours in Pokemon?
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In Pokemon pearl how long do you have to wait for honey to attract a Pokemon?

It takes 6 hours and 15 minutes. After 24 hours it will go away.

How long the honey can still stay at the honey tree in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

as far as i know 24 hours ive usually visited the tree after 8 or 9 hours 6 hours and 15 min approx. if left for over 24 hours the honey and Pokemon will have be gone.

How long are days in pokemon emrald?

days are the length of normal days which are 24 hours in case u didnt know hours r 60 minuets long(jk)

How long does earths rotation take?

24 hours

When is it a day in Pokemon emerald?

Every 24 hours

How many minutes does it take until you see a Pokemon on a tree in diamond?

When you use honey on a honey tree, Pokemon will appear 6 to 24 hours later. Once 24 hours have passed, the Pokemon will not be there.

What is a Pokemon virus?

A virus that the Pokemon gets for 24 hours and makes EV training a lot easier. You get it through Wi-Fi or if you have a Pokemon in your party for a long time. The Pokemon, however, looses all of its happiess. The pokerus can spread to other Pokemon in your party, and the 24 time will stop if you put the Pokemon in a PC.

How long does it take for whiskey to get out of your system?

At least 24 hours.

How long is 24 - 48 hours in a day?


How long is Earths day?

24 hours its not actually 23 hours 56minutes 4.1seconds

How long is a day in earth hours?

24 hours

How many hours long is a day?

24 hours