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To catch a Togepi in Pokemon Emerald, you have to talk to the man in the Pokemon center in Lilycove. After this wait 24 hours and talk to your mom and she'll give you one.

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Q: Pokemon Emerald how to catch Togepi?
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How do you get Togepi in emerald?

You can only get Togepi in Pokemon Emerald by trading from another game. Togepi is a baby egg Pokemon that prior to Gen 4 was normal type Pokemon.

Where do you find Togepi in Pokemon Ruby?

you can't catch him in Pokemon hoenn region but!! you can trade him from Pokemon firered and leafgreen with a link cable, yet in Pokemon emerald you can catch him in the repaired safari zone after defeating the elite four

Can you get these Pokemon in emerald smoochum Togepi Charmander arbok golduck?

yes but togepi and arbok hatch from eggs.

How do you get Togepi in Pokemon Emerald?

u say "lol u suck"!

Can you catch Groudon in Pokemon emerald?

Yes, You can catch Groudon in Pokemon Emerald.

Where do you catch gastly in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't catch one in Pokemon Emerald.

When does a Togepi evolve in Pokemon leafgrean?

It doesn't, sorry. You have to trade it from Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Ruby, or Pokemon Sapphire. Togepi evolves via happiness and happiness didn't exist in LeafGreen.

How do you catch Togepi in Pokemon Indigo?

You can catch it in saffron city. i hope it helps

Can you catch Entei on Pokemon Emerald version?

No you cannot catch Entei in Pokemon Emerald.

Where do you catch bellsprout in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't catch a Bellsprot in Pokemon Emerald. You trade it from Pokemon Leafgreen!

Can you catch the same Pokemon in sapphire and emerald?

There are many Pokemon you catch that are similar in sapphire and emerald but there are many Pokemon emerald can only get and not sapphire.

How to catch Cressilia in Pokemon Emerald?

Cressilia is a 4th generation Pokemon so you can't catch it in Pokemon Emerald.