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KEEP THROWING THEM!!!! if you are in a cave use dusk balls. you can get them at the Pokemon league

i have been playing PKMN for ages ever since a friend traded me his BLUE game for a a bunch of PKMN Trading cards in 1999 and that's how i discovered my love for this game, i think and in my experience YOU CAN CATCH ANY PKMN WITH ANY BALL as long as it's HP is red and it's got a STATUS problem preferably get it PRZ=PARALYZED so that it's safer from being getting knocked out, here is a battle tip that you may already know, when catching a PKMN always make sure you give it the status problem as soon as you start to battle it, you will gain the benefit earlier and taking some HP while doing it. I once caught Mewtwo with a normal 200g Pokeball and quite proud of this moment ever since that day I have always tried to catch Legendary PKMN without using a Masterball. hope this helped and for people who uses cheats.... you're missing the point of the game "EXPERIENCE POINTS"

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Q: How do you catch legendary Pokemon with ultra balls?
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What are the steps to catch the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

just weaken it to the red and throw ultra balls

How do you catch the legendary Pokemon?

Legendary Pokemon are the toughest Pokemon to capture it takes lots of patience. Buy as many ultra balls as you can and then save before attempting to catch a legendary then go into battle with it. Weaken it to red HP then paralyze it if you can or make it sleep if you can then start throwing your ultra balls and hope you get it. If you completely lose your ultra balls turn off the game turn it back on and try again.

How do you catch any legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald version?

with a master ball or weaken it and throw ultra balls until u capture it

Do you have to use master balls to catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon indigo can you use other balls like ultra and great balls?

you can use any ball but its harder if you use anything worse than a ultra ball good luck

How do you catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black version?

You catch them with a ultra ball

What ball do you use to catch azelf in pearl?

TO catch my Azelf, I just kept on throwing 5 ultra balls, then 5 timer balls, then 5 ultra, then 5 timer etc. etc. (this is what I do with all my legendary Pokemon actually)

How do you get all the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

1 master ball and a WHOLE LOTTA ultra balls AND dusk balls!

How do you get legendary Pokemon in Pokemon battle

Well, you have to beat all the gym leaders in the game. Then you can get the legendaries.

How do you catch a level 20 Pokemon?

i catch them with poke'balls,ultra balls,time balls,premeir balls,all kinds,but that's me....................

What type of poke ball do you use to catch a lickitung?

You can use any Pokeball to catch any Pokemon. Since Lickitung isn't a legendary or a 'running Pokemon' do not use your masterball. I recommend using Ultra Balls during the day, but if it is nighttime, use Dusk Balls.

Can you catch Rayquaza with a ultra ball in Pokemon ruby?

yes but you need 50 ultra balls

How do you catch Ho-oh and all the legendarys on Pokemon heart gold?

Master ball or timer ball. Ultra balls aren't very effective against legendary.