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First go to mistralton citt in American version then tall to lady in house in the route north of the city it has to be raining and then it will roam the Unova regiom check the billboards in the castelia city in the thing that takes u to the bridge, but only in Pokemon white. Sorry!!

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Q: How do you catch Thundurus in Pokemon Black?
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What times can you catch thundrus in Pokemon Black?

You cannot catch Thundurus in Pokemon Black, he is exclusive to Pokemon White.

How do you get thunderus and tornadus on Pokemon White?

You catch Thundurus, but must trade Tornadus from Pokemon Black.

Do tornadus and thundurus have to be at the same level to catch landorus in Pokemon black?

No, they do not have to be the same level to get Landorus.

Where you could find thundurus in Pokemon Black?

You'll need to trade for it or wait for another event for Pokemon Thundurus, because you can't get Thundurus in Pokemon Black.

How do you find thundurus in Pokemon black?

Thundurus is version exclusive to Pokemon White, you'll have to trade.

How can you get Thundurus on Pokemon Black?

Since you have Pokemon Black, you cannot catch it in the wild, you can only do that on White. So what you have to do is either trade normally with a friend or you can go onto the Global Trade System which is in the Pokemon center and you speak to the nurse uptairs to the far right. You then type in Thundurus and you have to have a Pokemon that they want in return.

How do you find tunderos in Pokemon Black?

Do you mean Thundurus? Thundurus cannot be in the wild in Pokemon Black, but you can trade for it or wait a Mystery Gift Event.

Can you still catch thundurus in Pokemon white if he faints?


How do you get landoris Pokemon Black?

The way you get Landorus is by getting Tornadus first. Then after you catch him, you have to catch Thundurus. You're only able to get Thundurus in Pokemon White and Tornadus in Pokemon Black so you can only get the other from a trade. After you have both of them in your party, go to the place where it says you need to go to get landorus (somewhere on the East side of the map up a waterfall or two). Go up to the little shrine and he will come down to you and then you can catch him.

Who is kyreum?

a pokemon in pokemon black & white. similar status to Thundurus

How do you catch Zoroark on Pokemon white?

you have to evolve him or get a legendary pokemon but its not zekrom,reshiram or thundurus and the others

What legendary pokemon can be caught in pokemon white?

you can catch Zekrom, Victini, Thundurus, Landorus, and Kyurem