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You cannot get Thundurus in Pokémon Black, the only way to get it in Pokémon Black is by arranging a trade with someone else in order to get Thundurus. Thundurus is a Pokémon that is exclusive to Pokémon White however its counterpart, Tornadus is available in Pokémon Black.

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Q: Can you find thundurus in Pokemon Black?
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Where you could find thundurus in Pokemon Black?

You'll need to trade for it or wait for another event for Pokemon Thundurus, because you can't get Thundurus in Pokemon Black.

How do you find thundurus in Pokemon black?

Thundurus is version exclusive to Pokemon White, you'll have to trade.

How do you find tunderos in Pokemon Black?

Do you mean Thundurus? Thundurus cannot be in the wild in Pokemon Black, but you can trade for it or wait a Mystery Gift Event.

Where do you find thundurus in pokemon black?

You can't find thundurus in the wild in black. You need to trade one over from white version or GTS.

Where to find thundurus in Pokemon black?

Trade from white and if you have white trade from black for tornadous

Where is thundurus in Pokemon Black?

I'm sorry, but u can only find him in Pokemon White. I think Tornadus is in pokemon Black though.

Where do you find thundurus?

Pokemon Black- Trade from White. Pokemon White- Thundurus roams Unova. After getting 8 badges, go to route 10, go into a house, leave, meet Thundurus and he'll fly off and start roaming Unova.

Who is kyreum?

a pokemon in pokemon black & white. similar status to Thundurus

What times can you catch thundrus in Pokemon Black?

You cannot catch Thundurus in Pokemon Black, he is exclusive to Pokemon White.

How do you see thundurus in Pokemon black without trading?

You dont

Where is thundurous in Pokemon black?

you find Thundurus at route 7 and then it starts roaming the Unova region. Hint: you can find out what route Thundurus is on by watching the bulletin board when you go in a green building. It is level 40 when you encounter it and once you move or do something like give your Pokemon a potion it runs away (The wild Thundurus has fled).

How do you get Pokemon 151 on black and white?

Black and White Pokemon No. 151: Landorus How to get: You must have both Tornadus and Thundurus in your party, then go to the Abundant Shrine (on route 14.) Please remember: Tornadus can only be caught on Pokemon Black, and Thundurus can only be caught on Pokemon White, so you'll need to trade with a buddy who has the opposite version so you'll have both. Or if you have pokemon black & white you can get thundurus and tornadus.