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Q: Can you still catch thundurus in Pokemon white if he faints?
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In Pokemon platinum if you beat Dialga will you still be able to catch him?

If you beat Dialga and Dialga faints, you can no longer catch it.

What happens when Terrakion faints?

Attempt to catch?: When you spot the Pokemon, save in the place Terrakion is and if he faints start over (Reset DSi or turn off DS and your still in the place you saved at)............... he disappears when he faints.

Can you still catch moltres in soul silver if it faints?

No just save it before you attack and turn it off if it faints

How many chances do you have to get Lugia in Pokemon Silver?

You will only have one chance to catch Lugia so if you make it faint, you will not be able to catch it again. However, if your whole party faints, you will go back to the Pokemon center and you can battle it again.If you failed to catch Lugia, you can still trade for it.

What happens when your Pokemon faints when it's supposed to evolve?

After the battle ends the Pokemon will still evolve however you will have to revive it if you still want to use it.

When a Pokemon faints in Pokemon Rumble do you still get to keep it?

yes, once you leave the dungeon it gets revived and healed

Can you still catch mewtwo if you made her faint?

You can always fight the Elite Four again. That allows you to find Mewtwo again. It worked for me in Pokemon X. It is best to save before you make it faint. Do so BEFORE you enter their caves! SAVE BEFORE BATTLING LEGENDARIES.

What if all Pokemon boxs are can you still catch Pokemon?

if your party is not full

If you make mesprit faint can you still get it on Pokemon diamond?

No , once it faints , it will not reappear , unless you save the game right before you make it faint .

What is the strongest move in Pokemon?

The strongest Pokemon move is Eruption (Power 150). Even do Explotion and Self destruct has higher power, they are still bad because the user faints itself.

What do you do after beating stark mountain?

nothing really unless you still have more Pokemon to catch POKEMON GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!(or do you?)

On Pokemon platnium how do you catch shaymen because porffeser oak just gives me an up grade?

You can't catch a hymen if you still play Pokemon.