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You can place coal in the furnace, then place any wood on the top slot to burn it to charcoal, or use a wood log on the bottom slot and one at the top and it'll burn that way as well.

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Q: How do you burn wood in a furnace in Minecraft?
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How do you get green dye in Minecraft?

Burn cactus in a furnace.

How do you get cactus green dye in Minecraft?

Burn cactus in a furnace.

What do you make with a furnace on Minecraft?

Currently you can smelt the following ores:irongoldYou can also burn wood (of any tree) in charcoal which is used the same as coal).Also you can smelt sand into glass.

Can you make flint into charcoal on minecraft?

No, charcoal is made by burning wood in a furnace.

How do you lit a furnace in minecraft?

under the fire picture put wood or coal.

How do you get a heat source for a furnace in minecraft?

you need to burn flammables by putting them in the bottom square of the furnace panel. you can use wood coal and bucket's of lava i recommend wood it doesn't burn as long but its the most expendable.

How do you make my wood furnace burn better?

Adding more oxygen should help

What do you need to make a house on minecraft?

Wood planks, Oak wood, Glass (or Glass Pane), Door(s), Crafting Bench, Furnace, and a Bed.

How do you access a furnace in Minecraft PE?

To access a furnace in minecraft, simply click it!!!! Its that easy!!

What do you use to make a burning furnace on Minecraft?

All you need to do is right click the furnace and add some sort of combustible material (such as coal and wood) in the bottom square. Then, if the three flames begin light up, you furnace will be burning.

Outdoor Wood Furnace?

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How do you make fire in minecraft in a furnace?

Right click on the furnace. You put something to smelt in the top box e.g iron ore and you put something for it to burn on in the bottom box e.g coal.