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Burn cactus in a furnace.

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Q: How do you get cactus green dye in Minecraft?
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How do you get green dye in Minecraft?

Burn cactus in a furnace.

How do you make green dye on Minecraft?

Green:Cook cactus in the furnace to produce "Cactus green".Lime green:Combine cactus green with bonemeal to get lime dye.See the related link below for the official Minecraft crafting guide.

How do you make green wool in minecraft?

You have to put a cactus in a furnace and then apply the resulting dye to the wool.

How can you get green wool without cactus in Minecraft?

You can dye sheep blue and yellow. Breed them and they make a green sheep, then shear/kill it for it’s wool. However there is no other way to get green dye other than cactus

What can you do with a cactus block on minecraft?

You can 'smelt' it to create the dye, 'cactus green'. Or you can plant a block on sand to make more grow, which can make more dye, or be used as part of a trap, as it hurts mobs.

What does the green dye do in minecraft?

You can use it on wool, to make a block of green wool, or you can use it on a sheep to make a green sheep, who will yield blocks of green wool when killed or you use shears on it. Cactus Green dye can also be combined with Bonemeal to make Light Green dye.

What can you make with cactus in minecraft?

Umm I don't know who told you there is cactus stew in Minecraft because there is only Mushroom stew. Anyways you make the mushroom stew from a bowl (crafted like a bucket but with wooden planks) and red and brown mushroom on a crafting table, inv crafting.

What do you use to make color clay soilders in minecraft?

with the clay soldiers mod? craft a clay soldier with lapiz lazuli or cactus green or something else that can be used to dye wool.... :)

How do you make red die in minecraft?

First search for some red mushrooms. Once you find some, smelt them in the furnace and they will become red dye when done. If you are planning to make lots of red dye, I recommend making a mushroom farm to reproduce mushrooms.

How do you make orange dye in mine craft?

You harvest a cactus, and 'smelt' the cactus blocks in a furnace to create green dye.

Are cactus green?

i think cactus are green

What color is the cactus going to be when you dye it with hair dye?

Brown. you'll kill it.