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Wood planks, Oak wood, Glass (or Glass Pane), Door(s), Crafting Bench, Furnace, and a Bed.

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Q: What do you need to make a house on minecraft?
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How do you make a bathroom in Minecraft?

You can create a bathroom in your Minecraft house by building a big, roomy section in your house, preferably accessible from your bedroom. Now all you need are the bathroom furnishings.

How do you build a house Minecraft?

you make a house with wood dirt leavs

How do you download Minecraft with USD?

You need to make an account and then pay for Minecraft and download it.

Do you need to be a v.i.p to make a minecraft server?


How do you make Minecraft work?

You need Java.

How do you label your house in minecraft?

you can put up a sign that you can make out of wood and put it at the front of your house

How do you get villagers to breed in Minecraft?

You go to a village and make a house, and then two people will come to the house go in and then they will make kids!

How can you find your house in minecraft?

If you are using Beta you can make a compass with gold and redstone, this will always point to your start point. You can then (assuming you remember your way back) make a path to your house, then you can always go back once you die. If you just get lost, you need a bigger house, or need to memorize the way you came from

What to do when you make a house in minecraft PE?

In survival I make my house bigger. In creative I build a castle and a town that seems to never get finished

How do you make flint in minecraft?

You cant. You need to find it.

How do you make a mod in minecraft?

You need to programme them in. Minecraft uses OpenGL and some Java, so you would need to learn those languages in order to make a mod.

Can you make a mushroom house in minecraft pocket edition?

There's no way to get bonemeal...