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You can't bring people back to life if they are already dead.

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Q: How do you bring dead people to life?
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Can you bring the dead back to life with lightning?

No. Dead is dead.

Can element 115 bring the dead back to life?

Element 115 can't bring the dead back to life.

Can you bring frozen fish back to life?

No, they are dead and dead is dead.

Can you bring someone to life?

not when they are dead

Can you bring the dead back to life?

'Scientifically', no. You can't. But in fantasy stories sure, people might be brought back to life.

My plan is dead can i bring it back to life?

if its fully dead than no.

What do Mexicans bring to the graveyard on day of the dead?

they bring the dead people the food they used to like

Can you bring the dead to life?

NO-________- well sometimes depends on how long they have been dead for.

How Can you bring a dead bonsai tree back to life?

Once something is dead its dead. Sorry.

How can you get a dead baby to like you?

Bring it back to life

How do you bring a duck egg back to life?

You can't. Once an egg is dead it is dead.

How do you bring dead family come back to life?

you can't!