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on gamecube yes just splash a bucket of water on it

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Q: Can you bring a dead pet back to life?
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How do you bring dead pets back to life on sim's 2 pets?

you cant bring a pet back to life but if a sim dies and you have their grave, then you might be able to see the sims ghost once and a while

How do you bring your pet bird back to life?

Sorry, you can't! But you can still set up a nice memorial service for it

How do you remove a fantage pet back home?

if you want to remove it, when you go back to your barn, there is a button that says return all pets. Click it, and your pet will be back in your barn. If you want to bring it home, you click on the pet , and it says bring at home. ONLY WORKS FOR MEMBERS

What is Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition's motto?

The motto of Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition is 'Bring the science to life'.

What type of dead parrot did John Cleese take back to the Pet shop?

A Norwegian Blue.

What is an e-pet?

it is a virtual toy pet that you bring to life online make friends and play in the stadium the roller coaster place is still being built though

Can you bring your dogs to the pet expo?

yes,u can bring your dog to petco but it has to be on a leash.

How can you add your pet to your house on fantage?

you click your pet in the barn then you click bring outside then when its outside you click on your pet then click bring outside and that's how you do it :)

How do you bring a small pet how from the pet store?

you can put it in a small box.

Is your pet dead?

it depends what you did with it

What pet did Ultima bring with her?