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around the 3 islands there are skeletons. if you give these the death potion you bring them back to life.

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2011-11-12 01:14:01
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Q: In sims 2 castaway why do i have death daisy potion when no one in my tribe is dead?
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Where is the daisy death potion in sims 2 castaway?

when your Sim dies(if you have 2 and they were in a tribe together) the alive Sim will get the flower! then you have to gather poisonous plants! !

What does the host of Survivor say when a castaway is voted off?

The tribe has spoken

Where is a death dasiy in Sims 2 Castaway?

I dont have a clue please will someone tell meI dont have a clue please will someone tell meI dont have a clue please will someone tell meI have looked everywhere on the 2nd Island and 4th i started looking on the 3rd but iv'e given up so try the 1st!The death daisy cant be found unless a crewmember dies and then a death daisy appears where their headstone was.-- i did find it once on the ps2... thing is i cant remember where it was and i didnt save the game. i can remember that it was growing in a coner, like on a rock wall, if you know what i mean. i was put my sim there to get out of the rain cos they were tiered and it said death daisy. it was real dark. try the area with all the fruit next to the crevas. im quite sure its around that area somewhere(:-- hope it helps--The death daisy appears when a sim in your tribe dies. The death daisy will grow where the sim was last alive.

How can i make my youth potion work for my tribe?

work together and follow the directions

How do you recruit tribe member in Sims 2 castaway?

you have to make them really good friends then when you go to talk/chat with them the menu will say invite into tribe.

Can sims marry on sims 2 castaway?

yes sims can but that only means that you cant ask them to leave the tribe

For Sims 2 castaway on wii can you call all of the crew members to meat you because I want to get them in our house?

to call all tribe members you need a conch shell, if you have one, get it from you tools and click summon tribe

On sims 2 castaway one of your sims left the tribe how do i get them back?

All you have to do is just keep searching for them and you'll eventually find them. It takes a while though so be patient When you find them you have to ask them to rejoin the tribe.

What is the name of the tribe in which the men competed for honor by gorging themselves to death?

The tribe of Moronians

What can you do after you get married in sims castaway 2?

after they are "coupled" they can't do anything they are in a tribe together but they can't whoo hoo and make a family or be really intimate at all.

How do you propose in sims castaway?

Just get your relationship over 80 The higher the relationship the more likely they are to say yes but I think they need to be part of your tribe.

Who found the daisy flower?

Well Its a flower so it wasnt really found but daisy is Anglo saxion so it might have been founded by the Anglo saxion tribe way back when.

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