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work together and follow the directions

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Q: How can i make my youth potion work for my tribe?
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How does the youth potion on creature breeder work?

Hey guys, 1. Buy a Fleeting Youth Potion. 2. Put the Fleeting Potion in one of your farms. 3. Put the creature you want to become young again in the same farm as the potion. 4. Once in the farm, click on the creature and then click "Look Closer". 5. Once it is showing more details about the creature, scroll down and there should be a button saying "Use Fleeting Youth Potion. Hope I helped and Ive only just figured it out myself. Visit me, Im called fizzysweete.

What is the recipe for a love potion?

love potion is mixed with garlic salt, vegatable oil, loving purfume, and vanilla to make it work put the love potion into the person u wish to fall in love with when they drink it it will work.

What doubts does Juliet have during the potion scene?

that the potion wont work .

How to make a real vampire potion?

some say blood i tried it it-did not work

What is a mermaid potion that will work?

No such thing.

How long would the herbs or potion make the juleit appear as though she were dead?

The potion that the priest, Friar Laurence gave Juliet to make her appear to be dead would only work for 42 hours which is a little less then two days.

How do you make a wish potion?

go on the internet and type wish potion on google and there you got it.or u can go to www.wish's potions an spell's.i think or if that doesnt work than joggle the words around.

What does Juliet place beside her as she takes the sleeping potion?

i think it was a dagger in case the potion didn't work

How do you make a rainbow potion on animal jam?

Rainbow potion on AJ: Red=3 times blue=3 times green=3 times flame (under the bottle holding your potion)=3 clicks any bottle will work, because it comes in a test tube.

Can a mermaid potion work?

No. Mermaids are imaginary. Sorry!

How do you make love potion work in poptropica?

1. Click your inventory and find the potion 2. Click the potion 3. When it says select a character or something at the point where it closes out, you click YOUR character, not someone else cuz if u click someone else, it won't work. (After when u click it, hearts will apear over ur head. Congratz! lol

What did the Sioux tribe make there arts and crafts out of?

quilts,pottery,pipes,and bead work